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The Remote Solutions Specialist.

Hydrobotics specialises in providing a range of commercial and engineering services to the marine, nuclear, power and defence industries, focusing particularly on the development and utilisation of 'hi-tech' equipment for operations in hostile environments, where it is impossible or undesirable for a human to operate.
Founded on more than twenty-three years of experience working for one of the world's leading robotics design and manufacturing company's, Hydrobotics expertise lies in the provision of independent professional advice and service through a number of key disciplines, including: marketing; sales; engineering consultancy; technical support and project management.
"If you are looking for some help to perform any of the above activities to support your project requirements then please contact Hydrobotics, your Remote Solutions Specialist.
With access to a wealth of commercial and engineering expertise, Hydrobotics is your ideal partner to develop and manage your project requirements from concept to realisation in a professional, efficient, timely and cost effective manner."

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"Working hand-in-hand to achieve positive results"

Hydrobotics is a member of the Northern Offshore Federation, an organisation dedicated to the promotion and development of companies located in the North East of England to the marine, offshore and renewable energy sectors.

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